He stops the attacker after hearing the little girl scream in a park and holds her until the cops show up


A dad in Australia saved a little girl who had been the victim of sexual abuse.

He ran to the adolescent after hearing her screams and tackled his attacker until the cops could come.

In Melbourne, Australia, Nick Kennon, a father of six, resides. He was in a municipal park on this Friday, February 10, when he heard a small girl’s cries, which alarmed him.He went in search of her right away after hearing her voice.

« I saw young girls playing in the park and thought it was wonderful.

However, when they began acting strangely, I suspected something was wrong.

I went to see as a result of my inclination.I had to put an end to it after I raced to the opposite side of the lake and observed what was going on.

Around 7 o’clock in the evening, the 18-year-old woman was in the park when a man, who was then 21, rushed her on the ground, grabbed her by the throat, and stripped her of her underwear.

He defeats the belligerent. Nick Kennon was able to take down the attacker by himself and hold him for more than five minutes until the cops came.

He was attempting to flee, but I wanted to stop him. Nick Kennon stated, « I wanted him to be held accountable for his deeds.

The brave father saved the 18-year-old girl’s life, and for that we are grateful.

When paramedics inspected her, they found that she had not suffered any physical wounds, therefore she was not sent to the hospital.

Nick Kennon, who has had trouble falling asleep since the occurrence, characterised by the scene, is not unaffected by this act of bravery.

« I still can’t get the scream noises out of my brain. I am happy with what I did.

I haven’t been able to get any good sleep yet, and that still scares me a lot,  » he remarked.

Nick Kennon insisted that he wasn’t a hero and that he just acted morally in this case.

Police detained the assailant and charged him with attempted rape, sexual assault, and illegal assault. The man was detained.

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