A woman married a homeless man after falling in love with him. What life has in store for them?


Emmy Abrahamson, a Swedish writer, truly met her soul partner while walking down the street.

Vic Kokula, an American who was homeless and prone to vices, saw a significant turnaround in his life after meeting Emmy.

Emmy Abrahamson travelled to Amsterdam in 2006.

She sat down on a bench while out walking one day, and a homeless Vic approached her to inquire what time it was.

It’s odd since this seat has a large clock hanging over it.

Despite the fact that he was filthy and stank so bad, Emmy realised that she was quite drawn to him.

« I noticed that he was homeless right away. His beard and hair were oily, and he was filthy all over.

But after we got to talking, I saw he had the most stunning brown eyes I’ve ever seen.

And he immediately got me laughing, » remembers Abrahamson.

Both the man and the woman agreed to meet in five days at the same location since they felt pity for one another.

According to Vic’s tale, he attempted to go from America to Europe a few years ago but rapidly ran out of money.

« I didn’t have time to do all I had planned since the money ran out earlier than I had anticipated.

« OK, I’ll do it without money, » I told myself.

The man started beggaring, camped out on the sidewalk, and finally started drinking.

He hadn’t anticipated the outcome. Vic came to the conclusion that he had just become a homeless alcoholic.

Five days later, Abrahamson and Kokula met on the same bench as the initial meeting and spent the entire day together, as was promised.

But Emmy had to head back to Vienna, where she resided.

The woman gave Vick her phone number in the hopes that they might cross paths again before taking off for home.

Eventually, the phone rang. The wedding was held at a historic castle.

Vic is an electrician today, all because of the love and support of his significant other.

Desta and Til, the twins born to the couple. Emmy was inspired to write « How to Fall in Love with a Man who lives in the Bushes » by her own love story.

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