An eight-year-old kid agreed to care for his sick mother by himself. He’s 24 years old now. How does he live?


This tale gained widespread media coverage fifteen years ago.

Ordinary youngster Vlad, age 8, cared for the home and his partially paralysed mother by himself.

People were following the tale with fascination, admiration, and wonder at the potential of the scenario throughout the entire world.

This family’s way of life is not particularly simple. The boy’s mother could not stand the fact that his father was a heavy drinker and left him.

When Vlad was 8 years old, his mother suffered a stroke, which left her paralysed.

This marked a significant upheaval in their household.

His father had passed away by that point. And a very young schoolboy dealt with this difficulty on his own.

He saw an orphanage in his near future. Vlad, however, was not one of those people; he stayed with his mother.

He started trying his hardest to aid her recovery despite his advanced age.

Vlad was fortunate to have a neighbour take custody of him; she handled all the social services matters, but the youngster then had to deal with life on his own.

When Vlad reached 16, the media once more began to focus on him and his mother.

Nearly no one was unaffected by this narrative; even officials agreed to assist the youngster.

His attempts to help his mother recuperate were not in vain; although she didn’t speak as well as previously, there was still improvement.

The person is a welder in his hometown and is now 24 years old.

The fam moved into an apartment supplied by the local government from a decaying wooden house.

Vlad continues to work very hard to give his fam a bright future.

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