She’s in salons and is over 90 years old. The well-known actress will shortly be 100!


The renowned Italian cinema actress turned 94 last summer, which is hard to believe considering she appears much younger.

The first movie in Gina Lollobridida’s career is « The Black Eagle » from 1946, followed by « Love Drink » and « Crazy about Opera, » both of which included cameo appearances. (1949).

Mario Costa was the film’s director. All of Gina’s financial issues were resolved when she was able to sign an expensive contract thanks to the 1948 movie « Pagliacci » by the same director.

The presence of the movie star at several social gatherings pleases her followers greatly.

We would like to point out that Gina’s hair, makeup, and overall appearance are always flawless!

Gina’s admirers are usually kind and loving when describing their favourite actors and actresses: « What a beauty!

She has such a strong want to live! « , « Beauty. This is an actual lady.

« Keep it up, Gina! She’s over 90 and she works in salons! » « Wow!

That’s awesome, » « How do you know the actress will soon be 100? » and « Goddess!

Amazing charismatic woman! » and « What a madam! »

The gifted actress currently enjoys composing music, taking photographs, and sculpting sculptures.

She also enjoys spending time with her grandson.

Lollobrigida plans to live up to 113 years old like Sardinian centenarians since she doesn’t think the time has arrived to get old.

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