The 11-year-old daughter of Victoria and David Beckham received criticism from people. And here is the reason!


David recently made a trip to Venice’s Teatro La Fenice with his heiress.

He is a traditionalist, thus he was wearing a stunning black suit.

The understated outfit was finished with chic shades.

Harper, on the other hand, disregarded the regulations and chose to place her sneakers underneath her dress for the evening.

Naturally, a lot of online users could not comprehend this.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the girl is just 11 years old.

It would thus be inaccurate to state that she had to wear high heels.

But naysayers persisted in their attacks.

Many people didn’t like the outfit worn by Harper Beckham.

But this is not a cheap option.

Journalists from the West immediately learned that it cost $2,000.00.

However, many continue to compare it to an outdated curtain.

Naturally, the look of the girl was also brought up.

As usual, some individuals began to comment that she was already overweight and that immediate action was required.

Harper just needs to take care of her beauty because she is the daughter of parents much like hers.

« I like how parents don’t impose their standard of beauty. »

Thankfully, not every commenter was that obscene.

Harper Beckham thus garnered the majority of the support: « The most important thing is that the youngster is content!

She’ll slim down rapidly, » « Good girl! » « I don’t know why you are looking for faults in her.

« Harper dressed as she saw fit, » « It’s great that parents don’t impose their understanding of beauty, » and « I don’t understand adults who attach criticism to children » are all statements that don’t make you more attractive.

At the age of 11, I want to meet you. New images of David Beckham therefore incited outrage sparked some users.

However, it is highly challenging to label this critique as objective.

Harper Beckham’s departure can hardly be deemed a failure, though.

But it is clear that she tried to seem respectable and succeeded in doing so.

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