Over three years have passed as the loyal dog has been waiting for its owner. Sadly, she won’t be coming back!


South Korea is where this tale is set. A little puppy was picked up off the street by an old local woman.

Since a result, she spared the animal’s life, since she may have been captured in this nation and used as restaurant meat.

They coexisted peacefully for a number of years. She found the puppy to be the perfect companion and it made her grandmother’s days more enjoyable.

After some time, the woman had a terrible illness, and was subsequently sent to a nursing facility.

The woman will never go back home again since she needs special care.

Since the dog hasn’t been aware of this for three years, she has been anticipating the return of his loving owner.

She makes her home in the owner’s abandoned home and spends her days nearby at the crossroads.

She waits for the old woman there continuously. The devoted dog quickly found new owners when word spread throughout Korea among the populace.

They brought the animal to their house after obtaining the owner’s consent.

We sincerely apologise to the woman who will never be able to care for the furry pet.

It is encouraging news, though, to know that the dog is in capable care.

The dog should quickly acclimatise to her new owners, we hope! Share with your friends and family.

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