A true love story with two storks travelling 14,000 km annually to see their disabled female partner


Many individuals have really close relationships with one another, willing to travel 14,000 km to be with their loved ones.

They would watch an in-flight movie or perhaps even sleep throughout the journey since they enjoyed it, right?

However, while discussing birds, we must be truthful because they cannot fly over plains.

According to this tale, a stock meets her girlfriend by flying 14,000 miles per year.

A local school caretaker discovered a wounded female stock in 1993 after hunters shot her.

This is when the love tale began.The bird began to reside there permanently on that day and has continued to do so.For the bird named Malena to survive the chilly Croatian winters, the guy created a « artificial Africa » in the form of an aquarium.

In preparation for spring, the guy constructs a sizable nest for Malena atop the structure.

She meets her lover, Klepetan, during this time. Malena and Klepetan have a combined total of 62 children, and they are still producing children.

Malena waits each year for her beloved, who travels 14,500 kilometres. (from Cape Town, South Africa to Croatia).

The male stock visits her girlfriend after a week has passed!

Such a sweet illustration of bird love!

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