The bus driver promptly noted as a large dog ran down the side of the road


Finland is where this narrative takes place. The final lap of the bus driver’s route had to be completed.

While being quite exhausted, the man sighed profoundly while realising that there wasn’t much left.

The only thing moving along the side of the road at the last halt was a large dog.

The driver chose to sit with the doors open, albeit he himself had no idea why.

Most likely out of curiosity, as street dogs are uncommon in this town.

The dog was not a stray in herself. She quietly sat down next to the man after entering the salon like it was nothing out of the ordinary for her.

Because the dog wasn’t scared of people and readily made contact with him, the guy deduced that she wasn’t a street dog from the behaviour of the pet. She merely got lost, it seems.

Nobody knows for sure what happened to her. As soon as they arrived in the parking lot, the driver called the animal shelter.

The dog’s owners were discovered thanks to this man.

She really fled while still moving, it seems out. The merry fireworks that were set off in the courtyard alarmed her.

She is now back at home, which is really good news.

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