Guy stopped the vehicle carrying a thousand canines on its way to a slaughterhouse


How is it possible to be so cruel?

This tale demonstrates to the world just how much a person can accomplish if they abhor the mistreatment of creatures.

For the sole purpose of transporting the nearly 1000 canines to the slaughterhouse in Gyanchjoy, China, a large vehicle was used.

This canine transfer, according to Chinese politician Peter Lee, was « the biggest we have ever seen. »

The journey took three days, and the interior was so hot that the beasts had trouble breathing.

According to figures, the poor transport circumstances caused the deaths of about 30% of the puppies.

However, the jeering of dogs was put to an end when a bystander pulled up in front of the vehicle and demanded that the driver display the health records that he was required to have on each canine.

Since the majority of the 1000 canines were taken from their owners or discovered on the street, the driver did not have credentials for all of them.

Nearly another 100 vehicles halted, and 300 individuals flocked to the truck to free the helpless animals.

The canines were given food and drink by people. As they observed the suffering of the defenceless creatures, their eyes began to well with tears.

The surviving were in terrible condition, and many of the canines perished en route.

All of the canines were freed after ten hours. They are now secure and receiving treatment from veterinarians.

A few of the canines were returned to their owners, and the remainder are now all available for adoption.

Such torment should not be inflicted upon any living thing. So, if you see the creatures being tortured like the man from China, do not walk by.

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