In a cute video, a curious chimpanzee takes her baby to meet the mother and her newborn


Animals and people both speak the same language about pregnancy.

Whether they are humans or untamed animals, mothers can communicate with one another.

In this tale, two mothers had a very unanticipated meeting.

In Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo, Michael Austin, his wife Emmila, and their infant were present.

After meeting the mother chimpanzee, they had no idea what would occur.

With the infant in her arms, Emmila walked up to the gorillas’ cage when all of a sudden a mother gorilla appeared in front of her.

The infant person was intriguing to the primate. Behind the glass separating them, she was attempting to embrace her.

Then Kiki picked up her 7-month-old baby Pablo and carried him in front of Emmila and the zoo guests.

The mothers’ supernatural interaction and unique relationship only endured for a short while.

Michael started the camera just in time to capture the enchantment in action.

One of the sweetest moments ever was that one.

Neither Emmila nor Kiki will likely ever forget this unique meeting.

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