Man found his canine after searching for him for three years: Their meeting is very touching!


Our pets truly become a part of our families, so losing them aches just as much as losing a family member.

After losing his canine, Jorge, three years prior, Giorgi Berezhiani of Georgia found himself in this predicament.

Without success, the man looked for the canine on his own and with the aid of ads.

A few years later, he got a call saying that someone had seen a canine that looked similar close to the opera house.

Giorgi left his house to see if it was his animal.

Giorgi Berezhiani lost his canine, Jorge, three years ago. The investigation was fruitless.

The guy rushed to the location after getting a report in early October stating that a similar dog had been seen.

The guy cried out when he saw the dog lying beneath the tree. When the dog heard his voice, he spun around and saw his master.

He barked and whined as he ran to Giorgi.

Due to the commotion, a lady emerged and took pictures of the reunited pals.

The canine itself is not hazardous, and Jorge had a tag on his ear indicating that he had received vaccinations.

Giorgi published a film on Facebook on Sunday, and it has been viewed over 154,000 times.

Dogs never forget us, which is fantastic!

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