The happy beluga whale couple that was saved from being used as display animals cannot stop beaming


The release of two beluga whales from confinement took almost ten years.

Little Gray and Little White, two magnificent creatures, at last had the opportunity to exist in independence!

When the animal rescue crew relocated them, the animals couldn’t contain their enthusiasm because it was such a wonderful day for them!

The two whales worked as performers at Shanghai Ocean World for nine years.

They were made to perform acts in order to obtain their daily meals.

In 2011, they were transported from a Russian study facility to China.

After that, they were far from the water, and it appeared that the whales would never return to their usual habitat.

Thankfully, this adorable pair has the chance to return to the water due to the UK-based charitable organisation Sea Life Trust.

Their new neighborhood, in Iceland, is located 6,000 kilometres distant.

This is a wonderful tale of two whales who finally received the opportunity to explore in the open ocean after almost ten years.

These two would be boarding an aircraft soon. The mammals landed at their new residence without incident!

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