Three abandoned pups were given protection by the rabbit, who also provided them with food and warmth


There are numerous misconceptions about bunnies. Although they are typically viewed as dumb, cowardly mice, some people contend that this is not always the case.

A touching and a little odd tale occurred in Azovo, which is located in the Omsk area.

As you might have guessed, a big white-tailed rabbit—the most typical appearance—served as the story’s primary figure.

He took in three pups and raised them with genuine affection.And that was the situation.

This ear companion revealed himself to be a very errant animal; he ran away from his master so far that no one could track him down.

After that, he made the decision to live a free and autonomous existence and excavated a hole close to Margarita’s home.

Soon the lady realised the rabbit is not by himself. After their mother’s passing, three puppies were left abandoned, and he was taking care of them.

The bunny fed them and kept watch over them at all times.

And when they tried to escape the mink, he raced around them like a madman, shoved them away with his snout, and wouldn’t let the cats go. He kept them warm by licking them.

They wouldn’t have lived if it weren’t for him. There, it was extremely frigid; the thermometer read -25 ° C.

The rabbit raised the pups as though they were his own offspring, gave them a bath, and shielded them from cats.

Margarita distributed information about the hunt for owners of all animals on the network and put announcements around the community.

The bunny has been adopted, and the females have already been placed with families.

However, he has not yet been removed in order to prevent the last puppy from passing away without him.

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