People criticized the 11-year-old daughter of Victoria and David Beckham. And here is why


As of late, David Beckham and his beneficiary visited the Teatro La Fenice in Venice. David wore a stunning black suit because he adheres to the classics.

The restrained look was completed by chic sunglasses. Harper Beckham, on the other hand, defied the rules and chose to walk around in sneakers while wearing an evening gown.

Naturally, many internet users were unaware of this. However, keep in mind that the girl is just 11 years old.

Therefore, it is not entirely appropriate to state that high-heeled shoes were required for her arrival. Negative commentators, however, continued to criticize.

Numerous individuals also disliked Harper Beckham’s attire. Nevertheless, this is expensive. The cost of $2,000 was quickly discovered by Western journalists.

However, it is still compared to an outdated curtain by many. Naturally, the appearance of an 11-year-old girl was also brought up.

As is customary, a few people began to assert that she was already overweight and that immediate action was required.

Harper simply needs to take care of her appearance because she is the daughter of parents who are similar to her own. It’s cool that parents don’t set beauty standards for their children!

Thankfully, not every commenter was so offensive. As a result, Harper Beckham received the majority of support: The child’s happiness is the most important thing. She will slim down quickly, « Good girl! »

I have no idea why you are looking for flaws in her. It doesn’t make you more gorgeous », « Harper dressed as she saw fit », and « incredible guardians don’t force how they might interpret magnificence ».

Adults who attribute criticism to children baffle me. I would like to meet you when I am 11 years old.

Along these lines, new photographs of David Beckham caused irateness among certain clients. However, it’s hard to be objective with this criticism.

Harper Beckham’s departure, on the other hand, is hard to characterize as a failure. Nevertheless, we can see that she wanted to appear respectable, and her efforts paid off.

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