Cary Grant’s only daughter spoke out about his sexuality decades after he shared home with a man who won 3 Oscars


It was common for men to live together in the 1930s. David Niven and Errol Flynn shared a house with Henry Fonda and James Stewart.

However, Cary Grant and Randolph Scott received more attention for their living situation than any other duo. When they were both rising stars at Paramount Studios in 1932, they started dating.

They lived together until 1940 when they both had enough money to buy a huge Santa Monica beach house.

However, Grant and Scott’s connection received so much media attention, in contrast to the others, that rumors of a possible homosexual relationship emerged.

The public relations campaigns centered on their relationship only strengthened the possibility that they shared a genuine Platonic connection.

Additionally, their rumored affair appeared to be a very enticing fact that was well-documented. Their beach house drew a large crowd on Sundays when they stopped shooting and opened their doors to small gatherings.

He married Virginia Cherrill in 1934, despite allegations that he had a homosexual relationship with Scott.

Sadly, they isolated a year after the fact, and Award proceeded to have involved acquaintances with entertainers Phyllis Creeks and Mary Brian.

After Scott divorced Marion DuPont, his high school sweetheart, and heiress, he went on to date Dorothy Lamour.

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