Sie können sicher sein, dass dies nicht der Fall ist..menschen mit schwachen Nerven ist der Eintritt verboten;.Mein Sohn war im Zimmer und das Geräusch war in meinen Ohren.


“I was a heir to the oppressed, I was not allowed to go to any party,  » says Sur Pope of Brdavan, accompanying us to his son’s grave. He was married at the age of twenty-four, had five daughters and one son. He tells that in Brdavan his son was rich, a very generous and friendly boy, but he was small, and he would not allow his son to bear the suffering and suffering of the peasant.

One day he said,’ Dad, let me take the goats, go to work, ‘ he persuaded; Then, breathing hard for a moment, he added, “the gunman is not innocent, the innocent was my child, I did not leave my child’s grave open so that the mother would not see.
AGA was the smallest in the house. That day, after convincing his father for a long day, he went to graze goats. Aus der zweiten Hälfte des Dorftages hörte man einen Schuss;

Bilder im Auftrag von « Berdavan »
In the evening the goats came home, there was no Agas. The villagers remembered that day’S shooting near the mountain called Canklik.

Sein Vater, Suren, sollte nicht zulassen, dass irgendwelche Villagers mit ihm nach dem Jungen suchen, went allein weg, mit seiner Waffe in seiner Hand und seinen Hunden. After searching all night, dawn dogs found a trace of blood, but the boy was not there.

Although Suren was against it, the villagers had come and decided to cross the border into Azerbaijan, but to no avail “  » I can’t answer your Mothers, you stay, I’m leaving! »Mein Vater sagte, handing the gun to the villagers and leaving.

He had already noticed the enemy, but Suren raised his hands and said that they would not shoot, that he was unarmed and that his “friend” (friend) knew that he was fluent in Azerbaijani, but that he spoke Russian so that the enemy could speak Azerbaijani. . and he himself will understand what they are talking about.

Bilder im Auftrag von « Berdavan »
« I asked for an interpreter to tell me that there was a child here yesterday, are you aware? No, we have not seen anything. »They took me somewhere, one sniper rifle in his hand, he was trying to shoot at me, their commander wouldn’t let him, he wanted the gunman to shoot with his hand, he didn’t say, what are you doing, all right, we take him to Gazah, he won’t come back from there . They caught me, blindfolded him, took me downstairs, and then threw me into a truck and took me to Khazh. They were examining us that day until the evening, saying, ‘ You’re a spy, you’ve come to study our positions.’

« Mein Sohn brennt im Nebenzimmer, das Geräusch ist in meinen Ohren. »
Seit einigen Tagen hat Suren das Fort gehabt, sich mit der Inhumanbehandlung des Feindes zu befassen, von den Beatings bis zu den Cigarettes und den sadistischen Methoden, seinen Kopf auf seiner Haut zu zerschlagen, aber er war nicht gegeben, und der Gedanke, seinen Sohn zu finden, zwang ihn zum Ende.

The worst was ahead. From cabinet to cabinet, after going from department to department, once again writing a testimony, a voice was heard saying he was a son, tortured in the next room.

– Seine Stimme ist immer noch in meinen Ohren, im Zimmer neben meinem Kind haben sie mit einem Pfau verbrannt;

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