« A couple generously builds a tiny house on wheels for a homeless man they have just met. »


« We may not have the power to save everyone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help them in the best way possible.

Hope and Manny are living their best lives in a van. They are part of a growing number of people who have chosen a nomadic lifestyle and enjoy the flexibility of a tiny home.

Hope and Manny met Darrell on the streets of Southern Utah. Darrell is just one of many African Americans struggling to make ends meet and have a roof over their heads.

According to the latest statistics, Darrell’s demographic group is heavily affected by the increasing unaffordability of housing.

Single adults make up almost the majority of homeless people in Utah. Additionally, African Americans comprise only 1% of the total population of the state, yet they represent 10% of those in the state’s care system.

Men are also more affected by homelessness, making up 57% of this group. The odds are against Darrell, but that didn’t stop him from fighting through life.

To help him, Hope and Manny built him a shelter that he could take anywhere.


In the video, Manny said they planned to build him a shelter that could withstand the extremely unpredictable temperatures in Utah.

They began their project by attaching waterproof poly panels to an inch-thick insulation. This will help regulate the temperature inside the tiny house significantly.

Then they built the house frame out of 2×3 and 2×2 woods to make it sturdy yet lightweight. The floor space is about 3 feet wide and 6 feet long.

It’s a bit tight, but it’s an ideal scale for a tiny house that can be pushed around or towed to another location.

Next, they installed the walls and the wheels on the base frame. They also added roof rafters so they could install a proper roof system. It keeps the rain out and provides Darrell with a little more headroom.

They also cut small holes in both walls for ventilation. To increase safety, they also added reflectors so drivers can see the tiny house at night.

The tiny house also has an electrical system. Manny’s system consists of three main parts. First, he installed a solar panel on the roof.

Then he connected it to a lithium-ion battery system and an inverter so the collected energy could be usable.

This can help Darrell charge his phone, operate a lighting system, and maybe a small fan.

The tiny house may not look like much to some, but to others, it’s a warm shelter and a private space.

People all over the internet expressed their appreciation. « This is wonderful, it brought me to tears! To think that there are still people with such big hearts willing to help others, » said one.

Others also mentioned the possibility of adding a few more features, such as a braking system for the wheels and a way for Darrell to look outside.

But overall, they were just grateful that there are still people willing to help those who need it most.

Check out this couple’s tiny house built for a homeless person they met.

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