Because her father had quarreled with his brother, he refused to pay when she invited him to her wedding.


« A man on Reddit explained that he had changed his mind and would not pay for his daughter’s wedding after she invited her estranged brother to the ceremony.

He then sought advice from members on Reddit. He expressed the issue between him and his brother after telling his story. ‘I am 46 years old, and my brother is 48 years old.

My then-girlfriend cheated on my brother when I was 20. I felt both infinitely sad and angry.

I told him that he was no longer my brother. Despite my request, my family did not cut him off, so I told them that I would never be in the same area as him again.

If they both want to invite, they should only invite him, because I am the one who has the final say.’ Then she informed him that his brother would receive an invitation from his daughter. ‘My daughter is getting married next spring.’

In our culture, both parents share the costs of the wedding equally. My daughter sat me down surprisingly and informed me that she would invite my brother and his family (he married my cheating ex).

Apparently, she has seen them over the past four years and developed a relationship behind my back. She even wants her cousin to be the flower girl.’ At this point, the father announced that he would not attend the wedding as planned.

‘I was angry. I told her that if my brother was invited, I would not pay my share of the wedding costs. She got angry and told me it was time to get over the past.

I told her that was not her decision. We continued to argue, and she told me that I was making her wedding about me. I told her that I probably wouldn’t come, so it would only be about her. She walked away in tears.’

Then everyone pointed at him and called him an asshole. ‘My ex-wife yelled at me and said I was a huge AH, and our daughter was devastated.’ Then my parents called, and the same thing happened.

I yelled at them, and now I avoid their calls. My girlfriend advised me to rethink and apologize.

If I don’t pay and attend, I would lose contact with my daughter. I’m not sure.

I believe my boundaries should be respected. ‘Am I an asshole for doing this?’

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