One month before a heart attack, your body warns you: Here are the 6 symptoms.


In recent years, heart attacks have become more frequent worldwide, sadly becoming the leading cause of mortality.

These incidents often result from stressful lifestyles and poor dietary habits.

To preserve cardiovascular health, it is crucial to improve one’s lifestyle by adopting a healthy diet and reducing stress.

It is also essential to recognize the symptoms of heart failure, which can manifest approximately one month before a cardiac failure:

1. Lack of oxygen: Oxygen deficiency in the lungs can lead to a decrease in blood supply to the heart, disrupting its function.

2. Cold and flu-like symptoms: Symptoms similar to those of a cold and flu can be early indicators of an impending heart attack.

3. Chest pressure: A sensation of pressure or pain in the chest can be a revealing sign of an imminent heart attack, requiring immediate medical consultation.

4. Insufficient blood circulation: When arteries narrow, blood flow to the muscles may be limited, leading to heart failure.

5. Dizziness and cold sweats: Poor blood circulation can hinder blood supply to the brain, affecting its normal functioning.

6. Persistent fatigue: If constant fatigue persists even after rest, it may indicate a problem with blood circulation at the cardiac level, requiring medical attention.

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