A garbage man adopts a blind abandoned child. 23 years later, the boy becomes an entrepreneur.


A garbage man, struggling alone to raise his twin daughters, adopts a blind abandoned child he finds in a dumpster.One day, he discovers the boy’s passion and helps him lay the foundations of his future business, which will earn him millions of dollars.

When Bob thanks fate for giving him such a wonderful wife and two great children, fate strikes him hard.The 41-year-old man, married to his wife Sarah for nine years, had to raise his twin girls, Kara and Christie, alone.

Sarah admitted to having a long-term relationship with another man and left Bob alone with the responsibility. Bob was devastated.

He thought he had a perfect life with Sarah, but it took him nine long years to realize that his beloved wife was not happy with him.

Bob no longer saw his daughters in the same way, but at the same time, he knew he couldn’t live without them.

Bob couldn’t accept that his wife had gone, but he pulled himself together and raised his two daughters. He felt that this was the destiny that had been prepared for him.

At first, Bob was skeptical about the challenges he faced. He knew that Sam would need special care and attention due to his blindness, so he did everything to ensure that Sam was loved.

Twenty years passed, and Sam could read and write fluently. He decided to help the blind and founded a small publishing company.

Bob helped him buy the necessary materials for the business with the money he had saved for his daughters’ wedding.

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