A missing African serval cat was found after three days in the wilderness.


Spartacus, a beautiful African serval, was found by policemen who were out for three days.

The owners of a beloved pet, Lisa and Dean, doubted that Spartacus had escaped out of fear of their dog Hank.

The missing African serval was found and reunited with its owners after spending three days in the wilderness. The day before, when their family dog wouldn’t come in, Lisa left the door open for him.

In this way, the cat escaped through that door. The owners’ efforts to find her near the woods failed, and they asked the Merrimack police for help.

Soon, some people reported seeing the wild cat in their neighborhood, so the desperate couple decided to catch her with a trap. They put live chicks inside, but they were unsuccessful that day.

After three days, the police found the missing four-year-old cat, trapped near the owner’s house. Spartacus was healthy and lively and returned to his beloved family.

The charming cat was brought to the Florida Zoo. Since that day, Spartacus spends most of his time indoors, sometimes spending his day in the enclosure and sometimes roaming freely around the house.

Lisa and Dean are now very happy to have found their beautiful and beloved cat again. They express their gratitude to everyone who has supported them both in reality and in virtual reality.

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