Can you find the big dog in this kitchen?


There is something fascinating about how optical illusions and other mind-bending images almost seem to distort your mind.

There are hundreds of such images on the internet and in old books, but this one comes from the real world. There’s an « invisible » creature in this picture, but it’s neither a stealthy intruder nor a burglar.

It’s more of a dog everyone is looking for. Even people familiar with optical illusions are puzzled by this clever photo… Can you see the big dog hidden right in front of your nose?

Take a look at the picture below!

According to 7 News Perth, a woman named Christina Suvo initially shared the photo. Christina claimed that a dog was hidden in the picture.

However, many people were skeptical. It seems like there’s no living being in the picture.

But believe me, there is indeed a dog in there. Can you see him now? Here is the full picture of the kitchen. Can you see the dog now? If you can’t find him, don’t worry.

We didn’t see him at first either. Let’s approach this the way people usually solve optical illusions: we’ll divide the picture into squares.

Take one square at a time, starting with the first one in the top left corner. Have you found the dog?

Here’s a hint: He’s in the fourth square.

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