« If your husband doesn’t love you anymore, he will stop doing these things for you. »


1. He stops doing things that make you happy. When a man loves his wife, he does things to make her happy, to impress her, and to give her a pleasant feeling so that she loves him even more. However, when a man stops loving a woman, all these things are forgotten.

2. He stops communicating. When a man no longer loves his wife, he sees no reason to connect with her; communication becomes a burden for him. He talks less with her, no longer explains his feelings or what is going on in his life, and stops listening to her. When his level of communication drops to this level, it indicates that he is no longer in love.

3. HE STOPS TAKING YOUR TIME. He prefers to spend time with his buddies or do other things rather than be with his girlfriend. When a man stops loving a woman, all the fun and unique moments disappear.

4. HE NO LONGER PARTICIPATES IN YOUR WORLD. He no longer wants to share your universe. He no longer wants to participate in your happiness or your sorrow. He is no longer excited about your world and no longer wants to be a part of it.

5. He stops saying and showing that he loves you. The three magical words « I love you » fade alongside his affection. He also stops showing you that he loves you; he doesn’t say it and doesn’t show it, and he becomes distant from you.

6. He stops being caring. He will no longer treat you like a lady, make you feel unique, spend meaningful time with you, and his romantic side will fade away.

7. Physical intimacy decreases. When he stops loving you, the kisses, hugs, cuddling, and other forms of intimacy disappear.

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