The horse refuses to give birth. When the veterinarian sees the ultrasound, he calls the police.


When farmer Ben saw that his mare was pregnant, he was full of joy. This meant he would be getting another horse, which could lead to greater financial prosperity if it turned out to be a « good » horse.

After months of waiting, the moment was almost here. The belly was heavy, and the mare showed signs of impending birth.

The mare was about to give birth. But strangely, despite her huge belly, she refused to deliver.

Ben decided to go to the local veterinarian to have an ultrasound done. When the veterinarian saw the ultrasound, he immediately called the police.

But what was wrong with the mare? And what had Ben done wrong? Let’s find out about this strange case.

Since the police also lived in this small town, any action was a good action. There really wasn’t much to do here – everyone knew each other, and therefore, crime was quite low.

In fact, the local police department practically had nothing to do all day, as there wasn’t much law enforcement to be done, so it was as exciting as any other case. When the police finally arrived, they helped the nearly lifeless huge horse to calm down.

But the police not only helped the veterinarian, they also came to Ben. « Sir, we need you to come with us, this is important. » Ben was shocked. He had only asked the veterinarian to come and help his mare give birth.

What had he done wrong? Birthing horses should be pretty straightforward.

Horses often give birth without assistance, and the foals usually come out of their mother already able to walk and gallop, despite their birth being only a few minutes old. Truly, horses are one of the easiest animals to assist in giving birth, and Ben knew that.

Ben answered questions about himself and the mare, which he had owned since his youth. After he had answered all the questions, he heard disbelief coming from the operating room.

« I can’t believe it! » said the veterinarian. But what had the veterinarian found inside the horse that surprised him so much?

What baffled her? The average fertilization rate (with artificial insemination) is 60%, meaning it usually takes two to three cycles to get 90% of mares pregnant.

You have already doubled or tripled your veterinary costs by simply trying to get your mare pregnant at this pace. It takes a lot of work to get a mare pregnant, making this opportunity stressful for Ben.

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