« This young woman received a creepy old bedside table and achieved an incredibly fantastic result from it. »


« From an old bedside table to a work of art! » Family members didn’t understand her and suggested throwing away the bedside table, but she turned it into a source of pride.

You can find the result in the article…

This young woman was always involved in interior design, but she never thought she would transform furniture from the USSR into a beautiful work of art.

In her opinion, the simple shapes of this unadorned bedside table allow for any transformation.

Here is the bedside table she transformed.

She says her customers planned to put it outside the door of the new apartment they had bought.

But she didn’t want to throw away such a beauty and decided to take it home.

Even her family members advised her to throw away this bedside table because it was very old.

But she decided to save it and eventually brought it home.

She used a sanding knife to refresh the surface of the bedside table and discovered a layer of natural oak wood that resembled subway

doors. That’s real luxury!

She decided to modernize the doors by adding rattan weaving on the sides; the side panels were in excellent condition.

She glued renovation wallpaper to the back wall, and the bedside table fit perfectly into the room’s harmony.

Then she varnished the wood to make it shine, replaced the handles for more convenience, and the result is perfect! What do you think of this bedside table?

Would you put such an object in your bedroom?

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