« Charlize Theron, 48, causes outrage at the Oscars by wearing a completely see-through dress that reveals her underwear. »


« It can’t be easy being a celebrity these days, where every action and decision is scrutinized and discussed for the whole world to see.

Perhaps it has always been this way – living in the spotlight has always meant a life full of flashing cameras and attention – but in today’s world of sensation-hungry headlines on social media and viral content, the focus is sharper than it was decades ago.

A-listers are judged not only by what they say and do, but also by what they wear, which is particularly noticeable during the awards season. The 96th Oscar ceremony took place last weekend at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and was a highly anticipated event.

A who’s who of stars and industry managers walked the red carpet, and you can bet their costumes were scrutinized as if internet users were taking a massive, collective fashion design exam.

Charlize Theron’s appearance underwent particularly thorough examination as she wore a stunning black outfit that turned many heads.

The actress dazzled at this year’s Vanity Fair Oscars Party, but her dress became a significant topic of discussion on the internet, with fans divided on whether it was a hit or a miss.

As soon as photos of the 48-year-old appeared on social media, users flocked to express their different views.

Some people supported her decision to wear a see-through top that revealed her underwear. Others did not. « You look so great in every photo, are there any bad ones? » wrote one person.

« Beautiful, » added another. « This woman is stunning and beautiful, » said a third. Another member of the audience commented, « This woman is just great, great commitment to acting, production, and social assistance. »

As usual, when superstars reveal themselves to the world, some commentators were quick to praise Theron’s appearance. « Not a good choice, » commented one person.

« You look great, but this outfit is terrible, » noted another person. « Yuck – too thin, » said a third. Another person commented, « I’m her fan… but here I don’t like her hair, she is so thin and the dress hmmm no… my opinion. »

Theron has already spoken openly about her dress preferences and advised people to always go with « how you feel. » « I don’t think there should be any fashion mistakes, » she told People last year.


« I really think if you just go with how you feel and how much you love it, then it’s not a fashion mistake. » Regarding ensembles that elicit strong reactions from critics, the actress said at the time:

« I mean, there are a lot of dresses that I know people didn’t like, but I looked at myself in the mirror that night and thought, I feel great. » I loved Charlize Theron at the Oscars! Share your opinions in the comments. »

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