The man found a crate on the mountain, which turned out to have fallen from an airplane 50 years ago. He opened the crate and was speechless about what he found inside. It completely changed the course of his life.


The mountain climber conquered Mont Blanc and was surprised at an altitude of 4,800 meters when he noticed an object that looked like a box visible in the ice. In the rusty crate, he found gemstones.

The man was interested in why the object appeared at this height and descended to investigate the archives.

Quickly, the mountain climber concluded that the crate had fallen from an airplane that had disappeared over the mountains more than 50 years ago.

The inscription on the box, « Made in India, » helped the climber trace the airplane’s trail. According to the archives, an Indian airplane did indeed disappear over this part of the Alps in 1966.

The man did not keep the treasure for himself. As an honorable Frenchman, he brought the crate to the police.

The local authorities also acted in accordance with the law: for eight years, they tried to find the true owner of the jewels or their relatives.

But they were not found. According to the rules in force, the authorities of Chamonix (the municipality where Mont Blanc is located) shared his discovery with the mountain climber.

Each received approximately 150,000 euros, which is equivalent to 12 million rubles.

The treasure found by the mountain climber excited the public. Treasure hunters reached out to Mont Blanc, wanting their share of the treasure too.

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