« I only go out with men willing to spend at least 100,000 euros on our first date. »


The 26-year-old Amy refuses to go out with a man unless he is willing to spend at least 100,000 euros on a first date.

The young travel influencer doesn’t hide her love for luxury and would never settle for anything less.

« I love fashion, I love to travel and connect with influential and like-minded people, which further strengthens my conviction.

My lifestyle includes only high-quality things, and for the same to be true for a man, he can’t be ordinary; he must surprise me with extraordinary experiences, » she explained.

Amy has received severe criticism online, but she has no intention of changing. « It’s my life and I don’t intend to live it differently, » she said.

So, she is still looking for men with similar ideas, willing to give her unique nights and unforgettable experiences.

The most surprising thing is that Amy is not doing it for money, because she is a completely independent woman who has amassed a great fortune through her work.

She doesn’t need anyone to take care of her, but she enjoys going out with influential and powerful people who stimulate her. SHARE!

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