« Surprise, rumors about Kate Middleton confirmed by Prince Harry’s warning. The whole story in the first comment. »


It’s no surprise that all eyes of the British public are on Kate Middleton and King Charles.

While Kate is currently recovering from the « scheduled » abdominal surgery and the king is undergoing cancer treatments in London, they are receiving well wishes for their recovery from around the world.

The public has been concerned about how these health issues could affect the royal family, while the palace assured that Kate is « doing well, » although they didn’t disclose details about her surgery and extended hospital stay.

Among those sending their wishes for recovery and wishing both the princess and the king a speedy recovery were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Their relationship with the rest of the Royals seems to be at an all-time low, but the fact that they reached out to Kate and Charles could be the first step in resolving the dispute.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have accused members of the firm of various things and criticized the palace for not assisting Meghan when she needed help and had suicidal thoughts.

The first accusations against the Royals by Harry and Meghan were made during the infamous Oprah interview, where they accused a senior royal, among other things, of questioning the skin color of then-unborn Archie.

After settling in the USA, the Sussexes gave numerous interviews, and Harry released his book « Spare, » revealing secrets and talking about what happened behind closed doors while still a working royal.

The relationship between Meghan and Kate has also been difficult.

As Queen Elizabeth’s health declined, both Kate and Meghan were asked not to travel to Balmoral, but the real reason was that they didn’t want Meghan there, and Kate was only told to stay behind to make things look fairer.

Jobson said, « Kate stayed away consciously, but she desperately wanted to be with the Queen in her final moments. That has eaten away at Kate and caused resentment towards Meghan. »

During the funeral, Kate and William as well as Harry and Meghan walked alongside each other, and according to Jobson, « Catherine later confessed to a senior royal that the rift between the two couples was so great that the joint walk was one of the hardest things she had ever had to do. »

According to the media, Harry and Meghan learned about Kate’s surgery through the news and immediately reached out to her.

« The Prince and Princess of Wales have received support from Prince Harry and Meghan regarding their health, » a source told the Mirror. « The Duke and Duchess have contacted both parties in different ways to express their sympathy and best wishes. »

« Meghan has contacted Kate and Charles, » the source said. « So steps are being taken to reconcile. »

At the same time, the source noted that Meghan has been very supportive of Harry’s efforts to reconcile things with his family. Harry « wishes the Royals – including Kate – only the best. »

Royal historian Marlene Koenig praised both Harry and Meghan for how they handled the situation, as reported by GB News.

« It has been reported that they have sent private messages, which would be the right thing to do, » she said.

She believes it is right for Harry and Meghan not to speak publicly about Kate.

However, Harry and Meghan could make a huge mistake if they start speaking publicly about the princess when she resumes her royal duties around Easter, as PR expert Ryan McCormick emphasizes.

McCormick urges the Sussexes not to talk about Kate Middleton publicly, at least not before she returns to royal duties, as reported by the Mirror.

« Harry and Meghan would be best not to make any public comments about Kate, » he said, because any public disclosure could be misinterpreted and lead to further speculation.

« Anything they would say would be overanalyzed, and if they were to wish Kate a speedy recovery, speculation about what’s going on behind the scenes would run wild, » the PR expert said.

He continued: « The Duchess & Duke can slowly start to potentially regain the trust of the royal family by doing exactly what they are told. »

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