The seven-year-old girl discovers her photo on a milk carton, but the reason is very sad.


The stories of missing children are unfortunately a sad reality that connects many countries around the world. In the 1980s, America attempted to spread the photos of these children in various ways, including printing their pictures on milk cartons, hoping that consumers would pay more attention to them.

Among the missing children was a girl named Bonnie Lohman, who was found thanks to this technique.

Little Bonnie had no idea what had happened to her. She was too young to remember. But her biological father searched for her with all his might.

He didn’t know where his child had disappeared to, taken away by her mother and her partner, without ever hearing from them again.

Bonnie was officially classified as a missing child. Her childhood at home was always kept very secret. The mother and stepfather avoided letting her be with children her age. But as she grew older, they began to give her a little more freedom.

One day, Bonnie accompanied her stepfather to the supermarket, and that’s when she saw her photo on the milk carton. The girl was shocked by this sight but didn’t fully understand what it meant.

The girl didn’t understand why her face was on the milk carton. For Bonnie, it was a game, and she asked to have that milk carton to cut out and keep the picture.

The stepfather tried to tell the girl not to tell anyone about this incident to keep the secret of her abduction.

Fortunately, thanks to the milk carton technique, the neighbors were able to recognize little Bonnie and alert law enforcement, who immediately came to them.

It wasn’t easy for the girl to understand the whole situation. She didn’t realize she had been kidnapped. At the same time, she didn’t recognize her biological father because she had hardly ever lived with him or was simply too young to know him.

Certainly, Bonnie couldn’t experience a happy childhood like many other children her age because she was kept hidden.

But when the truth finally came to light, she could finally breathe fresh air. Over time, she found her balance and the peace to live.

Her story ended well, but unfortunately, many other missing children were never found, even though their faces were spread using the milk carton technique.

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