She found herself homeless and resorted to scavenging through trash to make ends meet.


Once considered striking, posing for a variety of magazines, Loni Willison is now a homeless person often seen rummaging through dumpsters in California.

According to the ex-fitness model, her life fell apart after divorcing Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson.

X17 Online spoke with Loni in May 2023. In the interview, she blamed her ex-husband for her downward spiral and accused him of once trying to strangle her.

« My ex-husband. Getting married. At least I got divorced, » she said when asked why she was homeless. « He arranged everything to be done to me. »

Loni and Jeremy exchanged vows in 2012, and their marriage ended two years later. Loni then suffered a nervous breakdown, anxiety, and depression.

Her breakdown, combined with dependencies on alcohol and crystal meth, led to her losing her job and home and becoming homeless.

Reportedly, she was offered help multiple times, but she declined, emphasizing her independence. She was quoted saying, « I don’t need help. I have everything I need. »

In a conversation with X17 Online, Loni said she experiences significant pain and claimed she cannot live indoors because she was « electrocuted » nearly every day for almost a year and can no longer tolerate exposure to any electrical devices or radiation.

« I think because I [perceive electricity], I’m also perceiving other things, like certain chemicals or batteries or fuses, like wire, different kinds of metals. So I think my body even filters out stuff like that, » she said.

« I’m not sure, I’d have to go through some big X-ray or ultrasound machine or something to see that. It’s pretty intense. »

The former Baywatch star’s ex-wife appears to have lost some of her upper front teeth. Her ex, who is active on social media, has also faced some rough times since his Baywatch days.

In 2017, he was sentenced to 270 days in jail and placed on five years’ probation after striking a deal for allegedly stabbing a woman in LA in 2015.

He has also struggled with addiction issues.

As for Loni, her days are difficult, and she struggles to get by while attempting to care for herself with the few belongings she carries in the shopping cart she takes everywhere.

The once-beautiful blonde model is barely recognizable in her worn, dirty clothes.

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