Flight attendant suspicious of young girl and older man, finds 3-word note in bathroom after takeoff.


As a man and a teenage girl boarded a flight from Seattle to San Francisco, Alaska Airlines flight attendant Sheila Frederick grew suspicious.

The man was well-dressed while the girl was not and refused to make eye contact with anyone.

As she carried out her duties aboard the plane, Sheila couldn’t shake the thought of the girl, and eventually, she devised a brilliant plan that required real courage. Courage that meant this young girl was rescued from a dangerous situation.

Sheila Frederick, you’re a hero, my friend! @AlaskaAir flight attendant saves girl, signs of human trafficking http://buff.ly/2kAgoHj

Posted by Women Who Startup on Monday, February 6, 2017

Sheila couldn’t ignore the girl and desperately tried to make eye contact while serving snacks on the flight.

She conveyed her suspicions to a colleague, and the two worked together to distract the man while Sheila tried to get the girl’s attention.

« Finally, she looked up, and the look in her eyes was just heartbreaking, so I apologized to go to the back, and I just broke down, » Sheila said in an interview on Good Morning Britain.

She devised a brilliant plan by placing a note and a pen in one of the airplane’s bathrooms and then locking it, intending it to be opened only by the girl.

While her colleague had the man’s attention, Sheila pointed to the bathroom, pretending to write. Then she waited, hoping the girl understood.

Left a note and a pen in the bathroom

Fortunately, the girl apologized to use the restroom. The man stayed outside the bathroom with her, but Sheila refused to leave the area, keeping an eye on the man.

« I left a note in one of the bathrooms, » Sheila said. « She responded to the note, saying, ‘I need help.' »

Sheila informed the pilot, who contacted ground control to have authorities stop the man upon landing.

Listen to the entire story from the heroic flight attendant herself in the clip below.

Sheila stayed in touch with the young woman she rescued from human trafficking, and the two have spoken several times over the years. The young girl even attends college, according to the Western Journal.

« If you see something, say something, » Sheila informs others.

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