New alarming update: King Charles is « extremely concerned » about the fate of Kate Middleton.


King Charles is currently undergoing cancer treatment after being diagnosed with an enlarged prostate in January.

On the same day the treatment for the enlarged prostate was announced, the statement of Kate Middleton, who underwent abdominal surgery, was also made public, and both the King and the Princess spent time at the London clinic.

On March 22, shortly after Kate released the manipulated Mother’s Day photo, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

The Princess of Wales stated that at the time of the abdominal surgery, it was believed that her condition was not cancerous and the operation was successful.

However, during follow-up examinations after the operation, doctors discovered cancer. King Charles has canceled several engagements while undergoing cancer treatment, and Queen Camilla has represented him.

The same thing happened to Prince William, who has taken on many responsibilities in his father’s absence.

King Charles and Kate Middleton have always maintained a special relationship.

Over the years, Kate Middleton has not only become William’s girlfriend but also the wife of the future King, and their bond has continually grown.

Over the years, they have spent a lot of time together, especially when the Prince and Princess of Wales welcomed Prince George, then Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and Charles became a grandfather.

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