For 25 years, a man has been living alone with his dog in a cave. Take a look inside the cave now!


It always surprises me how some people, despite the progress in technology and the convenience it brings into our lives, still resort to using outdated tools.

Take, for example, this cave built by a 67-year-old man who proved that his age was not a barrier for him to undertake such a monumental task.

Using simple household items like a cart and a shovel, he tirelessly worked on his project, earning very little despite his efforts.

Despite lacking formal education, he hopes that his craftsmanship will be appreciated by others.

The man began excavating his cave in 1987, never imagining it would become as famous and visited as it is today, adorned with various items on its walls.

The value of Ra Paulet’s caves is difficult to determine due to their exquisite beauty.

So far, the man has completed 14 caves and is currently working on his 15th, which he promises will be his most impressive yet.

Watch the video below for further insights.

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