« A wedding photo changed a couple’s life forever. »


Emma and Justin Cotillard had fallen in love with each other as soon as they laid eyes on each other.When they exchanged vows, it was the happiest moment of their lives. Shortly after, Emma found out she was pregnant, and her life seemed complete.

Unfortunately, things changed when she was seven months pregnant. Justin started to become very aggressive and yelled at her.One morning, he told her to leave the house, and Emma was completely shocked because Justin was the best person she had ever met, and this behavior was not typical of him; on the contrary, it was a warning sign.

« He had forgotten that I was expecting our first child. He mistook me for a complete stranger, » Emma recalled.

So instead of going on a honeymoon, they went to the hospital.

Doctors conducted a series of tests and delivered the shocking news. Justin had a brain tumor. That was the reason for his aggressive behavior.Unfortunately, he had only about 2 years left to live, but the cancer spread faster than expected, and Emma prayed to God that he would at least get to meet his daughter.

Shortly after the baby was born, Justin’s condition worsened. « My husband was given two weeks at home by the doctors before he passed away. »

From the moment he was diagnosed until his death, the doctors did everything in their power to save Justin’s life. But the cancer was very aggressive, and the symptoms were severe.

And as much as everyone said that nothing could be done, Emma believes that things would have turned out differently if they had noticed the symptoms earlier. One of them, which neither she nor the late Justin paid much attention to, was his face.

On one of the wedding photos, Emma noticed something strange. « You can definitely see that the right side of his face is drooping slightly. »

She shared the photo along with Justin’s story to raise awareness and inspire people to seek medical help immediately if they suspect something is wrong with their health.

Because no matter how insignificant some symptoms may seem, their timely detection could save lives.

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