« Disfigured »: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife has undergone plastic surgery to the point of being unrecognizable.


Maria Shriver was recently photographed walking through the streets of Santa Monica.It should be noted that it was difficult to recognize the former beauty and ex-wife of Schwarzenegger in an unknown woman.

The journalist seems to have been very enthusiastic about plastic surgery and has now transformed beyond recognition.Network participants openly expressed how much she has exaggerated.

« How terrible she looks now, » « She has ruined her face, » « It’s sad to see her disfigured appearance, » many wrote.Do you remember when Arnold divorced our heroine last year?

It is worth mentioning that the couple’s divorce process lasted about ten years, even though they had been married for 25 years and had four children.

The situation escalated after the man confessed to his wife and their housekeeper that he had a son outside of the marriage.

Shriver did not play the victim and immediately filed for divorce.

By the way, there is only a week between the birth of an illegitimate son and the birth of the Schwarzenegger family’s fourth child.

What do you think about Maria’s sad change?

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