This $2 purchase turned out to be « The Holy Grail of Photography. »


Randy Guijarro purchased some antique pictures in 2010, and one in particular caught his eye: a black-and-white photo of people playing croquet in the countryside.

He had no idea how essential this photo was. The people in the photo are none other than the famous outlaw Billy the Kid and his gang of Regulators, according to Americana specialist Kagin’s Inc.

This is only the second known photo of Billy the Kid and the first to show the Regulators. A photo of Billy the Kid from 1880 was sold at auction in 2011 for $2.3 million.

Guijarro’s 1878 photo is expected to be sold for $5 million!

The executive producer of a new documentary about Billy the Kid, « Billy the Kid – New Evidence, » Jeff Aiello, told ABC 30’s Dale Yurong that this shot is « the rarest photo in the world. » And here’s the best part:

For what historic price did Guijarro buy this photo? That’s a good investment… two dollars!

The best part of this story is that Guijarro bought the photo because he liked it, which is crucial in antiques.

In KOAT’s accompanying news segment, you can take a close look at the shot and learn more about Guijarro’s historic discovery.

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