« Boy meets dog on the street – No one expected what happened next. »


A boy named Tom is a special child. Since he was little, dogs have been his greatest passion. It became evident when he was just 2 years old.He could pretend to be a dog for days. He often growled and barked, sometimes moving around the house on all fours.

When he was outside, every dog he encountered caught his attention, and he wanted to play with each one. It quickly became apparent that a puppy had to appear in their house.

And that’s exactly what finally happened: His parents brought a female dog named Lynn. Tom was over the moon.

This little boy sat quietly on the curb outside on the street when suddenly a huge dog ran over him. He was somewhat surprised and started screaming as loud as he could!

What could be the reason for his screaming and surprise?

All because Lynn suddenly got lost somewhere. What could have happened to their beloved pet? The little Tom’s heart was broken, and the boy was desperate.

The parents accidentally left the kitchen window open, and Lynn probably jumped on the table and then ran through it. The window was high enough that the puppy couldn’t get back in.

Tom’s parents tried to figure out the chances of Lynn coming home alone. It surely couldn’t be through the window, as it was a foot and a half above the ground.

That’s too high for such a young dog. So they decided to leave the back door open all day and all night. But five days later, there was still no sign of Lynn. Not only tears were running down the boy’s cheeks – his parents were sad too.

The forest behind their house stretched for 50 miles!

Together with their neighbors, they searched for over a month. But Lynn was gone. Slowly, they all began to accept that they probably would never see her again.

The resigned parents had to break the sad news to their son: « Darling. Mom and Dad searched everywhere, but we couldn’t find Lynn.

We’re so sorry, and we hope you’ll forgive us. And if you want, you can pick out a new puppy from the pet store or the shelter. »

Tom didn’t want to hear anything about a new puppy. He said he never wanted another dog because no dog could replace Lynn for him. He would have probably missed another puppy if it had disappeared too, he said. Tom’s lament lasted over 10 minutes.

Tom wasn’t the same boy. He locked himself in his room and completely shut himself off from the outside world. He seemed to have lost his love for dogs.

His parents hoped it was just a phase that would quickly pass, but it was far from reality. Over time, it got worse.

The effects showed at school. Tom didn’t want to go to class. He was often rude to his teachers and made life a bit difficult for his classmates.

Tom transformed from a happy, smiling boy into a frustrated and annoying tyrant. When he was expelled from class for the fourth time this week, and his parents had to go back to the principal, it was too much.

Tom stayed home and has been studying at home since then. He was too disruptive in class, and the teachers worried that he was not only bothering others but also jeopardizing his future.

« A child without friends can have problems as an adult, » said his teacher. It’s better for Tom to be in a safe home environment. Hopefully, the familiar environment will change his behavior, and he can quickly return to school.

But staying home didn’t help much. The boy’s mother was on the verge of a breakdown. One rainy afternoon, she saw him staring out of the window.

« I miss Lynn so much. I wonder if she’s okay? » It’s been 2 years since his beloved dog ran away, but Tom’s despair was as great as the day it happened.

His parents had hoped that time would heal their wounds, but now it was clear that it wasn’t the case. The boy’s mother tried to turn it into a sweet and optimistic story to comfort him, but even that made little sense. Tom walked out the front door with his head down and sat on the curb.

A huge brown dog crossed the street and stood in front of the crying boy. The animal barked twice and watched Tom with its tongue hanging out. After a few minutes, he looked at it more closely.

The glazed eyes of the four-legged giant reminded him of cuddling by the fireplace and running between the sprinklers in the backyard. He knew the dog very well. It was Lynn!!!!

Tom ran to his friend and wrapped his arms tightly around her neck. Lynn licked his cheeks and then headed to the edge of the forest.
Tom chased Lynn and entered the woods.

He lost sight of her for a moment, but luckily soon heard his friend barking. And finally, he saw it… Lynn had grown into an adult dog and become a mother!

In the ditch between their yard and the woods were three fluffy, cute little puppies. Tom brought Lynn and her offspring home and called his parents. They too were thrilled to find Lynn and of course decided to adopt the little dogs.

Tom has fully recovered. He and his friend Lynn became best friends again, and all the negative feelings were gone. He became a smiling boy, just like before.

After a few weeks, he was allowed to go back to school. He’s doing great there now. He gets good grades and has a small group of close friends.

They visit him almost every day. Of course, they want to see Tom, but at the same time, they all want to play with Lynn and her puppies.

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