« Neighbor finds strange ‘alien’ in their backyard, shocking the internet »


People sometimes turn to the internet for answers when strange things happen in their lives. If they can’t find what they’re looking for online, they turn to online groups for help.

Keep reading to find out what this person found in their garden that left them scratching their heads…

When a woman woke up, she found something strange in her garden. To explain, she searched the internet.

The thing in question looked very much like an alien. Its head was oval-shaped and its body was thin. It also had long, reed-like limbs protruding where arms and legs would normally be.

The person who found the thing initially thought it might be a plant, but quickly ruled that out. So, they turned to their friends for help.

It seems that, as confused as their friends were, they turned to Reddit to figure out what this thing could be.

They first posted it in a group for mushroom experts and fans, but no one could figure out what it was. In the « Alien Bodies » forum, the poster was told they should figure it out themselves.

The people in this subreddit also didn’t have much clue, which was bad for them, but some people shared their thoughts.

One person immediately warned them: User Ok-Bus-2410 wrote, « Wear gloves, don’t touch it with bare hands. Classic mistake like in the X-Files. »

Someone else with the username ButIcanollie11 pointed out something strange about the « alien » body: « It has tiny breasts. »

The person named No-Ability4674 told them, « That looks like an alien fetus.


Some people thought the image could be AI-generated, but others said there were features that made it difficult for it to be fake.

Additionally, the original poster, allthedimmerswitches, made it clear that it wasn’t an AI-generated image.

Then someone thought it could be a prop, as there’s a store near Calgard, UK that sells such sets. After that, many people thought it was simply fake. But some people weren’t impressed.

It was difficult for everyone to figure out what it was. Perhaps the answer will remain a mystery!

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