A guy finds a starving pup on a deserted island and takes him home


Wesley White, a kayaker off the shore of Belize, discovered a creature near a fishing house on a lonesome island, reports pintiks.

He was surprised to find a malnourished doggie. The doggie was flesh and bones, yet he was pretty friendly.

He cried for aid, yet nobody replied. The guy had no clue how the doggie had injury there on the isolated island, but he felt he needed to rescue the animal.

But he had an issue. He told the Dodo that he just had 36 hours until he had to leave Belize.

He worried if he’d be able to receive the assistance he required in time to keep the doggie safe and secure.

When he returned to the hostel, everyone jumped in to assist, getting containers of food and the bartender callin gpeople to fetch a veterinarian.

He brought Winston, his pup, to the mainland to see the doc, but he could only remain for a brief period.

However, Wesley and Winston’s incredible story was still a long way off.

He had to travel from Montana to Dallas in the midst of January. And Wesley was concerned if the pup would recognize him.

In the video above, you can see the moving ending to the tale.

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