Street mom dog with shattered legs struggling to save her babies screaming for help!


The poor street dogggie whose legs are shattered is attempting to save her babies, asking for assistance!

Ahmed abdelhamid discovered this helpless mom on Mustafa Kamel St Egypte. She stayed in deplorable circumstances.

She looked very miserable. Her legs had been fractured, her back had been wounded, and her teeth had been broken.

Someone stated she had ten pups, but six of them died. What tragedy.

But she’s struggling to find nourishment to keep her four pups alive.

Every day, Ahmed brings milk, food, and water for the helpless mom and pups.

He does not have all he needs to rescue them, but he does everything of his utmost capacity.

He cannot rescue all of them, but he tries, and this is what we must do.

Share this incredible stroy with your friends and family.

Remind them to be kind and never be afraid of giving or asking for help!

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