We discovered a poor pup entangled in a fishing line and assisted her in healing


It’s a miracle Lucy is still alive today. She , who was saved around three months ago, was discovered at a construction site in Bali where numerous canines lived but went ‘missing.’

She was taken aback when her rescue worker recognized her.

The small puppy had a fishing wire wrapped securely around her muzzle, indicating that she had been captured for the dog meat market and would be sold and murdered for food.

Her savior acted promptly and rushed her to the vet for urgent attention. If you would want to give to aid us assist the dogs of Bali, please donate.

She was discovered with a fishing line wrapped around her nose, cutting deeply into it.

It is assumed that the unfortunate dog was intended for the heinous and cruel slaughterhouses.

She was then taken to the veterinarian where the fishing line was removed, and she was definitely safe, though not out of the forest.

Because she had a dangerous ailment named parvovirus, the doctors offered her a 50/50 chance of survival.

Finally, she stayed in a secure location. Nevertheless, she had not yet made it out of the forest.

She was diagnosed with the lethal parvovirus, and doctors gave her a 50/50 chance of survival.

It was toss and go for a few days, but after two weeks, she eventually began to exhibit signs of healing and was able to be placed in foster homes.

She started acting oddly after only once, and she came back as a carrier of distemper- as if she hadn’t been through so much.

She was strong, but we didn’t think she’d make it. The parvovirus had damaged her immune system, and she’s flesh and bones when we discovered her.

She began to recover after a great deal of effort and a slew of different illnesses, but she didn’t trust people in anyway.

She ended up fighting, nevertheless. We syringe gave her soup every few hours and gave her all the affection and attention we could because she had no hunger.

She had achieved a complete physical comeback and was now ready to begin her psychological recovery path.

She was silent and never looked up with anyone from the moment she was saved. She would undoubtedly cower in the corner of her kennel for hours, only coming to use the restroom.

The harm she should have suffered before we discovered her was severe- she had no confidence in anybody.

Lucy began to heal from her trauma gradually but surely with a lot of support from vets, foster families, and numerous other individuals.

She has been staying with Prue, the founder of Mission Paws’ible, for the past several days and has done remarkable improvement.

She is cautious, yet she is slowly reverting to her former self as a happy and liveful little doggie.

She appreciates zoomies with her paw pals and enjoys sunbathing. She also climbs onto the sofa and sleeps curled up with her friends, something she never did when she first came.

And he started to trust these people and other creatures again. Lucy exemplifies how a little bit of tolerance and a great deal of affection can go a long way.

She sees a positive and prosperous future for herself and is looking for her permanent home.

The Healing Centre is presently being funded through Mission Paws’ible. This institution will allow canines like her a good option to heal and a pleasant area to unwind.

Treatments also included all-natural raw foods for hairless hound, daily therapeutic oil rubs, animal therapist music, one-on-one interaction with individuals and plenty of sunshine to enhance their vitamin D levels.

Lucy is the epitome of how compassion and tolerance can go a ways away and save a life.

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