Hungry chipmunk falls asleep during snack time


A kind woman, who lived beside a beautiful lake in Canada, had an excellent opportunity to interact with wildlife near her house because of its ideal location. As a result, she had made friends, including several chipmunks, who trusted her blindly.

Recently, Chucky, an adorable striped chipmunk, paid a visit to the woman’s house. It seemed like she was hungry as she enjoyed peeling and eating the sunflower seeds. However, the cute little animal was also tired.

She felt sleepy as soon as her stomach was full. The adorable little creature stopped peeling the seeds and even lost control of the one she was holding in her hand.

After a second, she regained consciousness and started peeling the almond, and ate the seeds again. When the woman found this, she slightly moved the chipmunk to a piece of cloth. She had placed the fabric on the floor for the animal to sleep.

Chucky was so engrossed in eating that she did not bother to sleep. It was as if she was planning to eat the entire bowl of sunflower seeds. However, her fight with sleepiness was still not over.

She dozed off again and stopped peeling the seeds. She curled her body near the bowl of food and rested for a while. Chucky woke up again and started to peel the sunflower seeds with sleepy eyes.

Chucky got refreshed by having some water and ensuring she did not miss her favorite meal. After a while, the little chipmunk had her fill and quickly ran towards the door.

The woman opened the door for the animal to go back home. The chipmunk’s behavior showed how much she trusted the woman as she had come inside the house and decided to eat and sleep in her presence.

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