A lady rescues a broken duck egg and keeps it in her bra for 35 days


Betsy Ross of Visalia, California, understands what raising children entails, so when she saw a fractured duck egg, she chose to rescue it.

Betsy, her children, and her hubby went to the playground to play pickleball, reports thepetneeds.

They were playing when they discovered a destroyed duck nest, which made them unhappy.

Betsy and her family spent some time hunting for the eggs and discovered one that was shattered.

So she decided to preserve it by bringing it home with her. She contacted a nearby wildlife group and inquired if they would accept the bird if it hatched, and they accepted.

So she stuffed the broken egg into her bra to keep it toasty and damp. She also stated that she only needed to turn the egg 4-5 times each day.

She then began looking into how to look after and what to do if a baby hatches.

After some investigating, she realized she needed to cease spinning the egg since it only required a lot of moisture at this time.

So she went out and bought a large amount of tape, a bucket of water, gallon baggies, a plastic box, and a light to build her own hatch box.

Fortunately, the baby hatched, but he was so feeble that he couldn’t stand or walk. So she assisted him by providing him with some water.

She continued by stating that one day she would wake up to discover him awake. As a result, she allowed him swim in the dirt pools and in the bathtub.

She also mentioned that the adorable bird would snooze with her throughout the day and listen to her speech!

Then she realized she had to get him to a better location.

So she called a rescuing source she trusted, who located a small rescue ranch for her.

The good news is that he has a new human girlfriend who adores him, and he’s doing well. What a satisfying conclusion!

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