A street cat infiltrates a nursing home, where she gets her ideal job and a permanent home


An environment of love and empathy must constantly be fostered in a medical institution in order to turn it into a home.

That is why care facilities go to great efforts to ensure they have the most qualified and caring healthcare personnel and caregivers.

But, much to their astonishment, this Nursing Home didn’t have to hunt long for their top health care worker, as she was the one who discovered them.

A homeless kitten in Cleveland, Ohio discovered St. Augustine Health Ministry nursing facility and decided that she wanted to both live and work here.

Oreo, the kitten, revealed to be the finest helper St. Augustine has ever employed.

Neighbors and coworkers adore her. The majority of the people had animals, and seeing him around helps them feel comfortable and homey.

He is a terrific assistance to the personnel; she stays by the patients while they prepare for their rides, she maintains the chairs nice and cozy, and she’s even eager to serve at the front office.

She was a street cat before getting into this incredible place, but now she has a community and a lifelong home to name her home.

Check out their website or Fb page to see additional photos of Oreo and his travels in St. Augustine.

St. Augustine’s finest helper ever. She can be of tremendous assistance to the seniors by accompanying them as they prepare for their journey.

As well as making the chairs comfortable and cozy. She’s even ready to help the personnel at the front desk.

Oreo was formerly a street cat. But now he has a loveful family and a roof above his head which he calls home.

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