After being rescued from death, a baby elephant cannot stop following her savior


Moyo was only just few days old when she was rescued from drowning while trying to cross a swollen river.

She was also orphaned by her group, but guards discovered her just as a troop of hyenas encircled her.

The brave guards transported her to the ‘Wild Is Life’ refuge, where Roxy Danckwerts, the refuge’s creator, became the baby’s new mother.

Moyo, who is 14 months old, stalks her wherever she goes.

« She recognizes my speech, my scent, and she always recognizes where I am, » Roxy noted.

« I’m not sure how! » It’s more challenging as Moyo grows larger and her forays throughout the house becomes more tricky to manage.

« She is one of those creatures with whom I have developed an incredible unspeakable bond, trust, and affection, » She stated.

 » It will be tough to let go. Anyways, I am so driven and sure of the choice I’ve made.

I wanna the greatest for the elephant youngsters, and that means permitting them to wander freely and take their own decisions. »

She was found deserted by her flock in her hour of need, with a gang of starving hyenas.

Luckily, the rangers arrived just in time and took her to the rescue, where Roxy, the creator, became the elephant’s mom.

This cutie who is 14 months old, now accompanies her everywhere she walks, but she has no idea how big she has gotten…

Or even how challanging she is… Or that silver spoons shouldn’t be consumed…

But her fascination triumphs as she resumes her nefarious expeditions around the house.

« She gets my tone, my taste, but somehow gets where I am at all moments, » she stated.

« She is one of those souls with whom I have formed an unspeakable sense of bond, confidence, and affection. »

Nothing can prevent her from getting her human mama. It will be difficult to let go. »

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