The thirsty street dog grabs an empty container and begs for water from passers-by


Residents of Lima were horrified after watching a poor abandoned pup lugging an empty container in the hope of finding some water on a sweltering day.

We understand that Peru recently had a famine, which forced many individuals to flee their homes in search of water.

Sadly, many people died as a result of the shortage.

If such was the case for people, think what it was like for stray animals!

Unfortunately, all of Lima’s public sources of water have dried up due to a shortage of water.

Touchingly, this doggie, who is going to be hopeless, chooses to pick up a pail in the hopes of attracting the attention of passersby and obtaining some drink.

The poor pup in the video below wants to gather as much liquid as he can because there is some liquid in the container.

He’s only thinking about the future! One of the spectators patted the doggie, who also attempted to remove the container, but the doggie just refused!

The pup is clearly straining in the clip above! How pitiful!

View the video to know more about this terrible topic and this poor doggie.

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