When a person sees a dog stuck in a net and dying, he comes closer to see that it is « not a dog. »


According to ilovemydogsomuch, a man was driving past a park when he spotted some sudden movement in the hanging football net.

He immediately noticed that an animal was completely caught in the trap and was unable to flee.

He initially mistook it for a doggie, but upon closer inspection, he noticed that the terrified critter was a tiny newborn fox!

To see the fox cub’s precarious condition, the guy contacted the Wildlife Aid Center, a charity rehabilitation center.

The baby was hardly alive when the rescuers came, having been choked by the razor strands tangled around his throat. It was becoming late for the poor creature.

The guys remained cool as they took the tiny fox and started cutting the many ties one at a time.

The infant was originally wary of people touching him. But he quickly recognized their genuine intentions and relaxed his body.

Eventually, the heroes were able to securely release the adorable animal from his perilous situation!

While the rescuing was effective, the fox baby had used much too much energy during the process.

He lay on the ground on the grass for many minutes as the volunteers rubbed his legs to straighten his weakened flow.

The newborn fox’s problems were finally solved, and he gleefully raced off to locate his parents.

The shelter indicated that this incident could have been easily prevented if the football net had been rolled up and thrown away after use.

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