Abandoned as a baby, crow is now obsessed with his rescuer


Kasper lived in Denmark with his family. He worked at a nearby school and loved his work. Then, one day, some of his students came up to him and said they had found a baby bird.

Klaus, the baby crow, was abandoned by his parents. Kasper thought that there was a chance that he could rescue this tiny bird. So he took care of him, and when the bird grew up, he flew out.

However, he would return every day to his rescuer’s home. He was interested in everything Kasper did and wanted everything he owned. Klaus would call his rescuer early in the morning every day.

Klaus would pick Kasper’s pockets and loved the latter’s earphones. So the bird would try to snatch it and play with the earphones whenever Kasper had them on. His rescuer found Klaus to be very cheeky.

Kasper loved drinking coffee, so it was evident that Klaus loved it too. However, birds should not have caffeine. So, the rescuer poured some decaf coffee for him. The bird enjoyed the routine. He did not drink the coffee but would just have a good time with his favorite human in the garden.

Kasper believed they definitely had an extraordinary relationship. The next thing the crow liked was to take a bath. It was almost like a spa for Klaus.

Kasper would place a massive bowl of water suitable for the bird in the garden. The crow would quickly take a bath and splash water all over his body.

The kind man, Kasper, would then dry him up with a hairdryer. The bird felt safe around his rescuer and was never bothered by the buzzing sound of the dryer. The bird had become an essential part of Kasper’s life, and he made sure that Klaus was healthy and well-fed.


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