Dad creates a jungle gym for funny feline – But it backfires


Percy, a tabby cat, would not stop climbing the things that hung on the wall. The cat’s parents, Ben & Kelsey, felt that he was like some apex predator in the jungle. Hence, they thought of creating a jungle gym for him on the wall.

For the most part, it worked. The kitty gradually progressed from climbing the doors and coat hangers to sitting at the turning at the door in his gym.

He would grab Ben’s hat every time he walked past.

This made the parents wonder whether they had made a horrible mistake. Ben even told Percy that he needed to stop grabbing his hat. However, the feline was not bothered by any of it.

Instead, the kitty would hold the cap and then drop it on the ground after a few seconds.

At first, Ben was pleased about how Percy grabbed his hat, but later the cat’s dad wanted to be left alone. So, both planned to create a tiny little beanie for the kitty.

They thought it would help.

However, it did not help much. Ben had to be on his toes whenever he turned near the corner. Sometimes, the parents did not pick the hats. Instead, they just let it settle on the ground.

The cat had become a little troll that loved hats.

Ben liked seeing Percy enjoy himself and did not mind his hat being snatched every time he came into the living room.

Percy’s parents planned to keep his jungle gym until they moved again.

Then, they probably would put it up in some place where this won’t be a problem like this at the next home they live in.


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